ACA was founded on March 15, 1990 and was approved in Tirana Court no./ Prot. 1177 date 03.10.1991. Number of members of the Association is expressed in groups, branches, regions, in 56 cities and towns and in the neighborhood and some major municipalities.

Albania Consumers Association (hereinafter also ACA) is founded on March 15th 1991, approved by Tirana Judicial District (First Instance) Court, Decision no.1177, date 03.10.1991.  This organisation pursuant to the Albanian Constitution, article 50 of the Law “On non-governmental organisations”, Law “On protection of consumers”, the Statute, and all the other legislation in power, is organized on a voluntary basis independent from traders and has a statutory aim of the protection of consumer rights. The bodies of the organisation are: The Assembly, the Executive Committee and the President. The Assembly is composed from all members of the Organisation. The Executive Committee is composed by five members, elected from the Assembly among the Organisation members. The president of the Organisation is the President of the Executive Committee, and he or she is elected by the Assembly. Our organisation in order to be representative of the collective interests of consumers has a geographical extent all over the country, great experience and a large number of members. Our professional staff has played a decisive role in enhancing consumer protection. Our organisation has its branches in all the country’s regions. Also ACA has established its Customer Advice Centres in order to educate consumers.


Membership profile:

Albanian Consumers Association members are based all over the country. Our members voluntarily have taken part in the activities organised by our association such as: campaigns to raise awareness of consumers on their rights, to organize and manage Consumers Advice Centres, identification of complaints, transfer of complaints to the administration, participation to awareness campaigns, preparation and publication of educational materials etc.

Albanian Consumers Association conducted an analysis in 2011 to determine the characteristics, statistical figures and features of individuals who are members of the Association. The study suggests that our members could be classifies into these categories or groups of people:

  1. The firstcategory or group of people is made up of individual members who contribute with membership quota. This study shows that this category of people who pay regularly their quotas has decreased from 5000 to 3500 members, so there is a decrease of 1500 members. According to the study the reasons for this change are numerous such as: migration, demographic changes, poverty, sickness, inability to pay membership dues, etc.
  2. The second category or group of people is made up of individual members who take part actively in the activities organised by the association such as:continuous campaigns to raise awareness of consumers on their rights, distribution of leaflets, publication of education books and materials, participation on television and radio programs, publications on printed press, participation in conferences etc. The study shows that this category of people has decreased from 30000 to 10000 members. According to the study the reasons for the decrease in the number of people in this category are as follows: migration, population movement within-country, addresses changes, illnesses, disability etc.
  3. The third categoryor group of people is made up of individuals who have received information from different means of communication. The study shows that even to this group of people there is a decline for reasons such as age, health, immigration etc.


After this study Albanian Consumers Association has concluded that it has a total of 25300 active members who work throughout the country. Our analysis concluded that there was a decrease in total numbers of our members.


Effective work has so far been done to continuous campaigns to raise awareness of consumers on their rights, distribution of leaflets, publication of education books and materials, participation on television and radio programs, publications on printed press, participation in conferences, to inform, to establish and to attempt to enforce consumer rights. Out of the total of 25300 members, 5200 pay regularly their membership quota whereas the rest offer voluntary services.


Albanian Consumers Association continuously cooperates with competent state authorities and local authorities to protect the interest of consumers according to the legislation in power and the statute. Our organisation has a close cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Ministry Of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, with the Energy Regulatory Authority (ERE), Competition and Standards Authorities etc. ACA cooperates regionally and internationally through membership in International Consumer Organisations, participation in international activities, experience exchange and participation in training sessions. Our organisation cooperates closely with Consumers International (CI) and Albanian and foreign consumers organisation such as consumer organisations in Kosova, Italy, Facua Spanish Organisation, Canada, USA etc.


ACA has excellent cooperation with Press and Media. For the period June 2012 to July 2013, ACA in cooperation with A1 Television Report made 180 television programs on the topic “Do we know what we consume”. The aim of these programs were to inform, educate and advice consumers on animal products and plant food. Also the organisation has made successful programmes with other televisions aiming to inform and educate consumers. For the year 2012 ACA in cooperation with other televisions did a total of 224 television programs. Also ACA has a great cooperation with the Press, publishing more than 100 articles in different newspapers such as “Republic”, “Today”, “Telegraph” etc.


Our main objective is to inform and raise continuously awareness of the consumers, employees, consultants and coordinators of the legislation in power and the Consumer Advice Centres. We have distributed thousands of leaflets and education materials throughout the country. UNDP contributed to prepare leaflets, water and electricity contracts and training of our staff.


ACA has launched and implemented effectively awareness campaigns, workshops and education programs in consumer protection rights. Also our organisation has worked through advertisements on television and radio, publications on printed press and media for the information and awareness of the consumers of their rights. ACA has done training courses, initially with its coordinators and staff and then with the consumers. These training courses or seminars have taken place at Job Centres or other places to train participants in consumer protection and market matters. In these meetings participants are informed and advised about their complaints and requests.


A vitally important aspect of our work has been the publication of education books and materials, participation on television and radio programs, publications on printed press, participation in conferences etc. Regarding the media, 2012 was a very successful year. These means of communication had a great impact in improving the behaviour and the understanding of the consumers.


Main activities of our organisation could be summarised as follows: consumer education in schools and communities through meetings, publication of educational book and materials, interviews, organising public campaigns such as the ones organised on March 15th, World Consumer Rights Day, distribution of brochures and leaflets, radio and television programs, conferences etc.


Materials published by ACA cover issues such as: healthy food for children, care for young consumers, anti-smoking campaigns, health and clean environment, fast-food, tobacco as the cause of many diseases, lack of food labelling etc.


One of the main activities for our organisation has been the establishment, organization and management of Customer Advice Centres in order to educate the consumers. These centres provide consumers with advice, information, consultation, in various fields, such as financial, housing, nutrition, health services, energy consumption etc. Our specialists handle and follow up consumer complaints to try and resolve them between consumers and economic operators. Numerous complaints have been on food security, drinking water, energy, telephone bills, industrial products, health services, education, tourism (hotels, restaurants), urban transport, construction, environment, ethics and culture etc. The majority of these are negotiated and resolved and only in two cases we lost in the court. They offer counselling services in various fields such as the food sector, environment, purchase of products, energy sector etc. Regarding the legal counselling the specialists receive requests from consumers and give advice to individuals and groups of people. Other ACA’s activities include making of surveys, test samples of products and filling up questionnaires.



Albanian Consumers Association has a staff composed of four people: The President, a Secretary, a Finance Specialist and a Lawyer Specialist. The Secretary works full time whereas the rest work part-time when they are needed and not on regular basis.


Members of the association take part and contribute voluntarily in the activities organised by ACA, taking into consideration the recommendations made by Consumers International (CI) and the needs of our country.


 EXPERTS Association

  1. Petraq Xhoxhi Kimist
  2. Mustafa Tola Mjek/Veterinar
  3. Selman Shquti Biolog
  4. Valbona Sotiri Financë
  5. Saimir Tola Inxh/Informat
  6. Emela Hoxha Juriste
  7. Mehdi Marku Ekonomist
  8. Selim Bushi Teknik-Ndërtimi
  9. Rasim Biçaku Histori-Gjeografi
  10. Ali Hoxha Gjuhesi
  11. Artef Leka Ekonomist
  12. Bledar Zhuri Kimist/Ushqimor
  13. Flori Loka Ekonomist
  14. Eleni Vangjeli Financiere
  15. Rifat Xhina Gjuhe-Letërsi
  16. Lorena Beqiri Juriste



  1. Eleni Vangjeli Dr. Shkencash Ekonomike
  2. Ahmet Osja Dr.Shkencave (Agronomi)
  3. Hajredin Toca Ekonomi – Agrare Asistent
  4. Nazmi Tola Biznesmen
  5. Spartak Kamberi Inxhinjer/Mekanik –Biznesmen
  6. Arben Cani Inxhinjer- Ekonomist/ me Bursen
  7. Galip Rrema Ekonomist-Biznesmen
  8. Zabit Bushi Ekonomist
  9. Zana Kamberi Dr.Shkencave Arkeologjike



  1. Islam Cani
  2. Mustafa Tola
  3. Petraq Xhoxhi
  4. Asllan Lami
  5. Selman Shquti


COMITETEE Organizational




  1. Hajredin Toca Ekonomi – Agrare Asistent
  2. Thelleza Kushta Financiere
  3. Bledar Mema Ekonomi – Biznes



  1. Merita Shehu Ekonomiste
  2. Xhevdet Bashllari Dr/Shkencash
  3. Endri Haxhiraj Mjek/Veteriner
  4. Ali Hoxha Gjuhe-Letersie
  5. Asllan Lami Financier
  6. Xhemal Metani Agronom
  7. Teki Bardhi Inxh/Ndertimi
  8. Endri Allmuça Ekonomist
  9. Tatjana Cenka Hoteleri-Turizmi
  10. Maltida Ramaj Kimiste/Ushqimore
  11. Fatbardha Gega Biznesmene
  12. Enno Xhani Inxh/Elektronik
  13. Valbona Sotiri Ekonomiste


Staff of Central Association

  1. Dr. ISLAM CANI Kryetar
  2. FATMIRA BIÇAKU Administrator


With the royalties in the center and the needs:

  1. ROMEO MERRUKO Specialist Jurist
  2. LEDIANA SALIU Perkthyese
  3. NAIM DISTAFA Perkthyes
  4. ENDRI HAXHIRAJ Expert i sig/ushq.