• Since its beginnings, ACA has worked to inform and advice the consumer.
  • In 1990,by the initial group was drafted the association statute and program.
  • In 27.10.1991, for the first time, ACA has made the campaign for drinking water. 400 persons were diarrhea by drinking water without chlorine. This material was published in “Tirana” newspaper, in National Albanian Television and its broadcasts in “Tirana” radio several times.
  • In 1991, the Association protested the poisoning by alcohol and ice cream to 50 people, published in “Tirana” newspaper. The Association demanded the strengthening of control inspectors.
  • ACA increased its activity on 1992, publishing the first newspaper “Customer” with 10,000 copies.
  • ACA has participated in local and international programs in radio-television since 1991.
  • In 1993, ACA has made campaign “For recognition of laws”. ACA, also, has done questioner about how familiar are citizens with laws.
  • In 1993-1994, ACA has done 2-years continued campaign “For hygiene water and restaurants”.
  • In 1994, ACA organized campaign “Against alcohol and tobacco”, where is engaged the media too.
  • In 1995, in cooperation with the Directorate of Standards and Quality, ACA organized training courses on consumer protection with leadership and managements of the country.
  • In 1995, with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, ACA made the law-draft “On Customer Protection Act” (which was approved on 06.02.1997).
  • In 1995, ACA organized a campaign to “Improve the Market” (old problem between customers and market).
  • In 1996, with the Directorate of Standards, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, ACA was involved in giving opinions and suggestions for making the laws that were in the interests of consumer protection.
  • In the 1995, 1996, 1997 years, ACA was engaged and requested the support of relevant ministries as: MH (Ministry of Health), MC (Ministry of Commerce), to resolve 2200 complaints of consumers about drinking water, the problems of market and sanitation.
  • In 16/09/1997, with commitment of the media, ACA organized campaign to “The safety of drinking water”.
  • In May 1997, ACA has published the first book “Consumer Challenges” supported by “Foundation Partner-Ship” and “Tacis Democracy”. During this year has organized several seminars, conferences for publication and recognition of consumer protection laws as in Tirana, Elbasan, Shkodra, Fier, Vlora, Durres and Lezha.
  • In 22/01/1998, ACA informs that in the food market were sold goods with staphylococcus like as margarine, meat and flour.
  • In 1998, ACA has organized several trainings and seminars with the leaders of 12 regions, in Shkoder, Lac, Fier, Elbasan, Vlore, Durres, Berat, Korce, to protect consumers in a economy market.
  • In 1998, ACA is supported by the concerned ministries and local government by equipping environment and voice-centers for the campaign about the riskiness of flour milling in leaden gristmill in Fier, Korce, Berat. Also the media is engaged.
  • In May 1998, ACA published a second book “Knowledge for Consumers”.
  • District Court of Tirana, act no.2277, decided “To receive the Provisional Measure”. Judges: Altina Xhoxhaj, Assistant judge DHIMITRA Qarri and Keri Como. Plaintiff: “Hellenik Botling Company”, the defendant: Fredi Përgjika.

Intrusive Secondary: Consumer Association (ACA).


The court ruled provisional measure, the legal basis Article 202 of Criminal and Civil Code blocking the production and sale of “Amita” in plastic 2-liters bottles in Albanian territory. Enforcement office was designated for the execution, on date.11.05.1998.


  • n 1999, ACA was engaged to help Kosovo refugees and published the book “Missionaries among Kosovo people”. For this, we are supported by donors: DFID, NOW, HWO, End, CI and UK.
  • In 1990-2000, ACA organized discussions, meetings, conferences, training with Kosovo refugees within in the country and Kosovo, supported by the UK (Unity Kingdom) and DFID.
  • In 2000, ACA organizes a campaign to “labeling of foods on the market” and campaign “against counterfeit drinks” (Phantom) with the support of media.
  • In 2000, ACA has also spread to Kosovo refugees the book “Missionaries among Kosovo people”, leaflets, leaf-awareness for “The care from the mine blast”.
  • In March 2001, ACA celebrates the 10-th anniversary.
  • In July-December 2001, ACA has organized training for awareness of consumers “To pay taxes” and to be more sensitive to well-management of their tax, support from SNV. It has also collaborated in this campaign with the central radio and local television.
  • In 2002, ACA makes “Petition for drinking water” in Tirana, Lac, Fier, Kelcyre, Lezha. After the petitions, in many cities was improved the water supply situation.
  • ACA branches, in Kruja and Fushe-Kruje, protested for environmental protection, the Environment Ministry took measures to improve the situation.
  • In 2001-2002, the association ran a campaign “for the effect that taxes have in economic improvement” (our permanent task) with support from SNV Foundation.
  • In 2003, ACA has collaborated with the Ministry of Commerce, about the Consumers Protection Act. Also, ACA has made suggestions for additional Articles in the new Law on Consumer Protection.
  • In 2003, ACA has organized, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the campaign “For the importance of iodine ” in children.
  • In 2004, ACA has organized “Anti-Smoking Campaign” in cooperation with the association Anti-Smoking. UNICEF has supported us. Association has also organized for 2 months the campaign “For drinking water with chlorine”, where was the media engaged.
  • In 2004, the association has cooperated with the Ministry of Health to draft the Draft-Law “On the importance of iodine”, organized campaign “consumer awareness ” and the risk that plastic brings to consumers, collection and recycling of its, supported financially by English and Australian Embassies.
  • In 2005, the association has organized the campaign “For labeling food products “. ACA has also organized training, has distributed billboards with 10 – Principles EC and eight consumer rights.
  • GTZ, has supported us financially to the reconstruction of Tirana counseling office, also has supported us METE.
  • In 2006, the association has organized its database, are making joint training with METE, the CARDS / 6. METE has given a grant for office equipment.
  • In 2007, ACA, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and UNICEF, organized a sensitizing campaign “for the importance of iodine in children”.
  • In 2007, ACA, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, has given its contribution to suggestions and proposals for the “Law of Food and Milk”. It has also provided input for the Law “On the right of information”.
  • On 17 March 2008, ACA has participated in the conference in Budva on the topic “Food safety”.
  • On 01/04/2008, ACA has participated in the conference in Ohrid, Macedonia on the topic “Protection of Consumers in the field of banking services”.
  • In 2008, ACA has made the analysis of questionnaires, complaints in 2006-2007 compared with 2004-2005 years in the field of trade and industrial products (like confection, shoes, sandals, etc.).
  • Association has collaborated with the handicap, with comments and suggestions for “new Law Consumer Protection” which was passed on, 17.04.2008.
  • On 29 May – 1 June 2008, has participated in the conference held in Vodica, Croatia with the theme: “Financial Problems” Banking law, consumer protection and consumer unbearable procedures (Ambusmen).
  • 2008 – 2009 “campaign for the risk of Fast-Food” and the weight (obesity, cardio-vascular diseases, hypertension, etc.)
  • 2010 “campaign to educate the financial and banking services” recommended by CI
  • 2010 “campaign for healthy food” recommended by CI
  • 2010 Cooperation with UNDP for opening new centers in areas such as counseling, Shkoder, Elbasan, Fier, Lushnja, Lezha, Korce, etc. and resources and increase capacity in SHKSH.
  • Cooperation with D. Accreditation and Çertefikimit in Albania
  • Meeting 10.06.2010 cooperation with representatives of consumer protection in the field of accreditation London with Z / Robert Peacock.
  • Meeting with dt. 17.06.2010 with Kr / Elbasan Municipality Q. Indera and coordinator of consumer association “For information, education, empowerment and cooperation of SHKSH and local government to protect customers’
  • Meeting with dt. 16 Kr / Municipality Fier and coordinator of the association of the customer “for information, education, empowerment and cooperation of ACA and local government to protect customers’
  • Meeting with dt. 18.06.2010 under / South mayor and coordinator of the association of the customer “for information, education, empowerment and cooperation of ACA and local government to protect customers’
  • Meeting cooperation with the Association of the Blind South Bushati ZEF
  • These Lezha Ymer Keta “for information, education, empowerment and cooperation of ACA and local government to protect customers’
  • Meeting with President of Business Uninonit Roland Hysa “the possibility of the market and providing safe products to consumers
  • Meeting with dt. 30.06.2010 with representatives of Italian society with Mrs. / Mary PAGLIA “On information, consumers for safe food products and the cooperation of SHKSH
  • Meeting dt.14.07.2010 with representatives of consumer protection SERBIA with z / Drago Bojavic under the recommendations of the UN, which was represented by the presence of representatives of Albania and Anula Hachemi.
  • 19.07.2010 o meeting with representatives of EG Mission to Albania in the framework of development and empowerment with Ms./ MARIA RASKOVSKA the CI and the president of Consumers in Macedonia Ms. Alba Dakoli the Foundation for Local Governance.
  • Tirana Police Directorate on the implementation of rules and pedestrian tables Cham Tirana market
  • Cooperation with the AKEP in giving opinions; prortabilitetin numbers for April 2010
  • Meeting the cooperation with the Regional Centre of Waste Recycling April 2010
  • 12 Meetings and cooperation with the Center for the Protection of Immigration March-April 2010 … … …
  • Cooperation and exchange of experience in consumer protection with FACUAN / Spain with dr. Carlos Puente
  • Cooperation with K.europian under the Food Safety Product “Paulo PENDEZA”
  • April-May 2010 UFSH cooperation with regard to the trade and safety of medical drugs.
  • Meeting in the framework of cooperation on projects with TASCO-Albania
  • In the context of training cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce
  • METE the Council Meeting at the Consumer Protection Coordination with the deputy minister Bozdo contrary opinion and award of article 54 / b of consumer law on the direction of consumer counseling centers, in accordance with the criteria set by the minister responsible for the area of trade. Send a letter to Economy Minister Z / D. Priest, based NGOs and the law on Article 41.
  • May-June 2010 on the training and experience: electricity and water supply where taking part and UNDP
  • June 2010 collaboration with the Health M.; Strategy preparative oral iodine.


Activities for 2010 are reflected best in the annual report but writing some suggestions made by the competent organs of the association.

In our work in cooperation with, state institutions, ERE, with the company, the director, we make suggestions for laws, regulations, and draft regulations etc.


  • Suggestions to appear “Improving the quality and safety Ujsjellësit water (quantity and quality of contract and no specific law), but there is a CMD 1993, not consumer protection plotene.
  • Suggestions for the draft decision on “distance contract” METE
  • Suggestions for NFA Ministry of Agriculture for the completion of Kodexit Alimentaria food and standard necessity for everyone.
  • Suggestion for Telecom / We Cemit and contempt of law to the detriment of the consumer, such as: removal of the code, a unilateral contract, not the opinion of dgrupeve mrrja of interest, breach of contract Albtelekom-ACA collaboration, demand for .
  • MAFCP suggestion for food law enforcement and consumer protection namely: market street markets unconditionally H-sanitary-food trade of livestock in conditions without appropriate, required implementation of laws.
  • Suggestions M. Environment: To improve the environment, protection of water, rivers, forests and soil erosion, inert substances, destruction of bridges, etc..
  • Law enforcement in Road Transport in improving the education system all of the requested levels, especially in remote and rural areas.
  • Suggestions for OSSH / CEZ “Improving service quality for consumers of quantities, contract and giving the new bill.” The exposure of the mats, the elimination of flat rates, the establishment of new mats at 25,000 meters.
  • Transparency and promised service to customers
  • in connection with the contract with the customer and contractual terms
  • about not raising the price of electricity for consumers which was taken into account.
  • in connection with the design of draft measures for the offender of electricity.
  • Property laws, our continued demand for clarity, and problem solving transparece.
  • ERU suggestions about a new contract for water and problems of concern to drinking water as a lack of sanitary conditions, especially at the beach
  • Health M. suggestions on improving hospital services and to eliminate pollution from the burning stack of hospital waste



  • Sugjerime ERU në lidhje me Kontraten e re te ujit dhe problemet shqetësuese për Ujin e pishëm si mungesë e kushteve Higjeno-Sanitare e sidomos në plazh
  • Sugjerime M.Shendetësisë, mbi përmirësimin e shërbimit spitalor si dhe për eleminimin e ndotjes nga oxhaku i djegieve te mbetjeve spitalore
  • Sugjerim per ligjin e konsumatorit për nenin 54/b në përputhje me kriteret e përcaktuara nga ministri pergjegjes për fushën e tregtisë.



General Assembly Meeting of the Association on 16.12.2010 which was accomplished successfully with all the coordinators and directors in the districts, with guests from the public to cooperate with ACA, representatives from UNDP. by the association of other organizations and friends of the association.
The meeting was held in the grounds of the Museum of History at 10-12-20 where the guests had and a cocktail. The whole activity is reflected by the Media / 9 Albanian television for the consumer is part of the resolution presente by the president t keep the Z / Ali Hoxha.

Wider participation of members of SHKSH in Tirana and other districts, with the guests coordinators operating in Albania. And attended by dikaseteret in: METE, standards, UNDP, other associations; , Invalids, Sh / Flag of the Nation, Post Forum, representatives from women’s organizations, journalists and media attended 9 television who covered the development and progress of the works of the collection the Assembly.After being assured the participation of 223 persons meeting opened by Assembly Speaker Deputy Ali Hoxha, who presented the Order of the Day

Summary by the President of Islam Cani ACA
Report on the 2010 annual report held by
Mrs. Fatmira Biçaku ,report financial and economic activity
Bledar Mema Audit
Confidence of the governing bodies SHKSH
Adopt a whole